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VESDA stands for “Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus”. These active fire systems are constantly sampling the air where they are installed to ensure that they detect smoke particles as quickly as possible when they are present. The creates an incredibly sensitive alarm and warning system for any potential fires or other emergencies that cause a change in air quality.

While not ideal for all locations as further sensitivity can lead to false alarms, a VESDA driven system is a great choice for locations with a high risk of fire or smoke, as well as an excellent choice for buildings where air quality need be maintained at certain levels.

Work with an organisation driven by a community commitment to installing the best option for your needs


When thinking of installing a VESDA it is important to start with a full assessment to ensure it is the right choice.


As a highly sensitive system that is operating continuously make sure your VESDA is installed correctly by professionals.


Like all alarms it's important to have VESDA systems tested reguarly in line with Fire Detection and Alarm standards.

A complete solution

As with all our alarms and systems, FES provide a complete solution to our customers, managing all maintenance and supply of equipment. Your safety and the safety of our community is our top priority. So when installing a new alarm system we ensure you’ve got the best products, expertly installed and working for your safety. Your VESDA system will work as intended and in line with your requirements, which FES will be able to help design alongside you in a collaborative manner.

FES will also help with testing the systems, monitoring their effectiveness and ensuring that your building is not just made safe, but stays safe.

Expertly designed systems mean a reliable detection process.

A VESDA system is finely tuned so that it can operate at maximum sensitivity regardless of what space requires its installation. So whether working with large or small spaces, differing air qualities or fluctuating temperatures a VESDA alarm can be looked into for whatever you’re looking to monitor.

Understanding how your systems are operating will also help you understand how to work with the systems present in your building. FES is here not just to supply the right hardware and integrations, but to educate our clients to maximise their emergency response solutions.

A VESDA system works by drawing air, filtering the air, performing surface control and then detecting any smoke particles.

Draw Air

A highly efficient aspirator continuously draws air inside the VESDA for testing.


The air is passed through a dual filter to remove any dust or dirt from the incoming sample.

Surface control

At the same time as the incoming air is being filtered a clean air sample is also passed through the filter to ensure the surfaces are free of contaminant.


The incoming air sample is exposed to a laser light source, if there is smoke present the light will scatter and the system will trigger an alert.

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