Exit and Emergency Lighting

Illuminating your way to safety

In the event of an evacuation, it is important to be able to see where you’re going. Ensuring that your exits are well lit and that emergency lighting kicks in when required will help keep everyone safe during stressful moments.

Lighting requirements will vary from building to building. While some buildings may just need exit signs clearly lit, others with more elaborate paths of egress might need emergency lighting to guide people through evacuation corridors. Whatever your lighting needs it is important that emergency exit lighting is functional even in the event of a power outage. Work with FES to get the right and reliable lighting installed for your building.

Lighting provides a beacon of safety in stressful circumstances


What lighting is required will be dictated by the size of your building and evacuation needs. It is essential to have your building assessed and designed by a professional.


It's important that your emergency exit lighting is installed correctly so you're not left in the dark.


Whether operating from separate generators, alternate grids or battery powered make sure your lighting is rigged as it should be with FES.

FES provides solutions for your emergency lighting needs.

Whether installing exit signs, emergency lighting or full evacuation guiding pathways it’s essential that your building has emergency lighting. Emergency lighting stays on even when all other lighting goes off. This is achieved via batteries, generators or sometimes even specific gases that give off natural illumination when certain conditions are met.

Exit Signs

Clear, illuminated and compliant with safety standards. Exit Signs are designed to be understandable for all personnel and supply clear indications of exit points in an emergency.

Emergency Lighting

For larger buildings an exit sign isn't always enough, the door might be illuminated but if your personnel are moving through a corridor or down stairs you want to make sure those areas are safely lit also.


As they often contain their own power source for redundancy, emergency lighting can be bulky, but there are aesthetic options available should your building require them.

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