Maximising fire safety since 1902

FES has been in the fire prevention industry in excess of 120 years. Once a division of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade the establishment on July 1st 2020 of Fire Rescue Victoria saw FES transition into a division of Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV), continuing to deliver compliant services to its 25,000k client base. We now work with a direct mandate from FRV to continue to supply fire safety services, equipment, reporting and training.

FES has stringent processes, management systems and quality assured procedures. This ensures that FES delivers services with professionalism, compliance, integrity and within the customer’s budget requirements.

FES has got you covered

FES partners with clients across a wide range of sectors including Municipal Councils, Uni’s, Hospitals, Health Care Agencies, Aged Care, Educational Facilities, Small Business as well as Commercial and Industrial Premises to assist in protecting people and assets.