Fire Drill Training and Evacuation Drills

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Why choose this course

Many organisations and buildings regularly run their own drills and exercises to keep their personnel prepared in the event of an emergency. This is excellent practice for any organisation and as always, practice makes perfect.

These courses offer the opportunity for a qualified fire professional to design and execute drills and exercises that will most efficiently communicate the requirements and preferred outcomes for your building. Our excellent trainers can also work directly with members of your Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) to train them on how to best execute drills and exercises in instances where the trainer/professional is not present. As such this course not only gives a one-off boost of knowledge and ability but prepares your personnel to maintain and pass on its teachings.

Who should attend?

Any member of your organisation can benefit from this course, especially if working with a trainer who is delivering a course that is tailored to your specific premises. Members of your ECO are particularly encouraged to be across the teachings of these courses and it is highly recommended for the following;

  • Chief Fire Warden
  • Deputy Fire Warden
  • ECO Members

Corporate training packages

Would you like group training for your employees? We can tailor a training course for your organisation.

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Learning Outcomes

On the completion of the course, participants will:

Have an in-depth understanding of emergency procedures

Understand the roles and responsibilities of emergency response personnel

Understand how to assist and engage with emergency services officers

Know how to prepare the workplace to respond to emergency situations

Be able to coordinate the initial response when emergencies occur

Fire drills are an essential safety activity that ECO personnel and site managers are responsible for.

Experienced firefighters will organise an emergency scenario in consultation with you. It will involve the use of installed emergency equipment such as a EWIS, smoke and fire doors, and any other specialised evacuation equipment.

The process of this evacuation is for the Emergency Control Organisation and Wardens to assess the outcomes of the emergency response in consultation with FRV Active fire fighters who will be observing and assisting during this exercise.

At the completion of their review, a full written report of our trainer’s observations and recommendations will be provided to the relevant site within 2 weeks upon completion of the drill.

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