Asset Management Reporting

Keep all pertinent information up to date.

Fire Equipment Services (FES) records and tracks facilities and equipment for all customers. Historical and current client site information is available on call via our customer portal where you can access reports and see maintenance schedules. In addition to standard compliance reporting, FES provides customised reports tailored to customer needs.

Stay on top of everything.

FES can assist with your financial accounting by providing servicing costs identified to the location, building and floor level. Detailed information helps you stay across both current and potential future costs and continue to budget effectively to maintain fire safety. FES can also assist directly with budget forecasting by supplying estimated costs for future servicing.

No report is too large.

If your premises are particularly large or your needs span multiple contradictory corporate requirements then FES can provide customers with specific contract performance and activity reporting. This personal and custom touch will help you stay on top of even the most unwieldy of reporting requirements. In addition to standard compliance reporting, this can also include aspects such as health and safety, hazard identification, security, outstanding defects and rectification works.



Need an example?

If you would like a sample of our customer reports or more information about our reporting capabilities then please get in touch with us on 1300 855 163 or visit our Contact Page.

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FES has got you covered

From specialised industrial warehouses and storage facilities through to residential buildings, high rise commercial towers, shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, libraries and more.