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Your Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) is the backbone of your emergency responses. That team of personnel, whether big or small, will control and manage emergency situations as they evolve and keep the occupants of your building safe. Solidly designed emergency procedures and systems will support this team in knowing how to handle whatever situations might emerge. Let FES trainers work with your team to design plans and train your personnel in the actioning of them in any and all situations.


What should you expect from this course?

At the planning stage, there are many processes that should be followed, including:

  • Establishing an effective method of identifying and communicating an emergency situation to people inside and outside the facility
  • Assessing the possible threats using the risk management process
  • Studying the facility’s design and installations to register safety assets and hazards
  • Selecting key people for emergency control positions

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Learning Outcomes

On the completion of the course, participants will understand:

Responsibilities and duties of the ECO and the actions they are to undertake during an emergency

Responsibilities of facility occupants and the actions they are to undertake during an emergency

The current emergency contact details

The arrangements for emergency preparedness & response

The arrangements for evacuating the facility

Safety & Compliance

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. The Occupational Health and Safety Act, and the Australian Standards for emergency planning in facilities place obligations on property owners, property managers, employers and employees. These regulations and standards lead to compliance regimes that help ensure everyone’s safety, reducing risk to person and property, and aiding emergency responders to assist us when incidents occur. As such these generalised planning and procedure courses can be helpful for all stakeholders in a building’s safety.

FES provides a range of emergency management, consulting and training programs to help you prevent, manage and respond to emergencies.  In addition to our popular training courses held at our FRV Burnley Training Facility, we provide consultancy and training services customised to your needs and delivered at your premises. Our services are designed according to the Australian Standards AS 3745-2010 and 1851-2012.

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