Building and Doors

Making your space work for your safety

Specific design choices can be made for new and renovated buildings to improve safety in the event of an emergency. Fire doors and smoke doors, as well as specific egress designs, all contribute to safety.

If you find yourself with the opportunity to dictate the building make-up in a way that improves safety FES can help you maximise the safety of anyone inside with physical safety measures built into the building itself.

One of the largest factors that contribute to safety standards is simply how the building is designed


If designing a building from the ground up have FES professionals weigh in on your points of egress and the pathways towards them to make sure everyone will be safe.


Smoke doors, fire doors and smoke management systems must be installed by a professional to ensure they operate correctly.


The most effective way of ensuring your personnel access the nearest exit in an emergency is through practice. Fire drills, workshops and clear signage will help people remember in stressful moments.

FES provides solutions for your building’s safety.

There are direct building choices that can be made to maximise the safety of everyone in your building. From doors to control the spread of fire to ventilation systems to clear areas of smoke. You can help the people in your building evacuate safely by ensuring their point of egress are kept safe with these kinds of modifications.

Fire Doors

Designed to control the spread of fire these doors are made from strong, fire resistant material and are self closing and self latching to ensure they always provide protection.

Smoke Doors

Smoke doors, like fire doors, are designed to keep smoke out of areas when closed. They are not required to be self latching but they must still close automatically if left open.

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