Evacuation Diagrams

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Two days: 8:30am - 5pm




FRV's Blackburn Training Facility

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Why choose this course

In accordance with AS3745-2010 Evacuation Diagrams and Evacuation Information must be displayed in all facilities. Our select FET Trainer will create and complete your specific site Evacuation diagrams in accordance with Australian Standards.

It is a requirement of your EPC to ensure these diagrams are installed correctly and inspected on a 6 monthly & annually basis in accordance with AS3745-2010. All inspections are to be documented and recorded accordingly.

Onsite consultation and inspection of your site may be required to determine locations of relevant fire fighting equipment and building layout, please note this site visit will incur an extra charge.


How to attend?

FES can deliver an onsite specialist consultation service to your facility to conduct a full review of your current Emergency Procedures & Diagrams to ensure these tools are accurate and developed in accordance with AS3745-2010.

This training is best performed on-site to ensure the evacuation diagrams produced are accurate, understood and applicable to the premises. Generating evacuation diagrams should be done in collaboration with an authorised person from the premises and the trainer/professional. However, it can be beneficial for all members of your Emergency Control Organisation to be present for these courses to guarantee strong understanding of all the diagrams across your organisation.


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Evacuation Diagram Assistance

Evacuation Diagram Requirements

An evacuation diagram is a clear and concise visual representation of your building’s safety plan and should be included in your fire safety and emergency response management plans. The diagram should clearly represent the following in an understandable manner;

  • Evacuation procedures and paths.
  • Locations of installed equipment.
  • Details of evacuation areas/gathering points.
  • Clear labelling of exits.

You also want to make sure you’re compliant with the location and positioning requirements for your premises. Make sure your diagrams are at least 120 centimetres from the floor and no more than 160 centimetres from the floor, that they are orientated correctly to represent the POV of the person reading them and that they are clearly displayed in enough areas so that all visitors or occupants have access to them.

All these factors and more will be covered by your trainers who will also assist in ascertaining if there are any unique requirements your plan may require.

Learning Outcomes

On the completion of the course, the understanding of evacuation diagrams will ensure your ECO will:

Have an in-depth understanding of emergency procedures

Understand the roles and responsibilities of emergency response personnel

Understand how to assist and engage with emergency services officers

Know how to prepare the workplace to respond to emergency situations

Be able to coordinate the initial response when emergencies occur

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