Annual Essential Safety Measures Reports

A legal requirement to be kept up with by the building owner or manager; the Annual Essential Safety Measures Report (AESMR) ascertains if building management has taken all reasonable steps to ensure the building is operating at the required level of performance and has been maintained as required.

The requirements are set down by the Victorian Building Authority in accordance with the relevant current safety standards. As a legal requirement it is essential that an AESMR is performed on your building every year. FES will help with scheduling your report and helping you maintain your building’s safety and compliance.

Inspectors follow clear guidelines to ensure AESMRs are effective and comprehensive.


Inspectors will ensure that the structure and systems in the building are compliant with building safety standards.


Inspectors will check maintenance reports and software reports to confirm that regular and appropriate maintenance is being performed.


The owner or building manager is required to accept the outcome of reports and confirm that they have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that their building is compliant.

FES ensures your report is compliant.

As a building manager or owner, you can assemble the AESMR and submit it to the Victorian Building Authority. You are however authorised to allow a third-party agent to complete the report. This is where FES comes in. With expert staff members, who are across all Australian Standards, building acts and building regulations, we can complete your report in full and ensure that it meets the criteria required. You can make the process easier for yourself or your elected contractor by keeping records of maintenance checks, safety measures and repair work so they can be inspected by a municipal building surveyor or chief officer of the fire brigade. These records are required to be produced within 24 hours notice if the Victorian Building Authority requires verification.

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