Sprinkler Systems

A century of experience in fire sprinkler systems

Automatic fire sprinkler systems also known as a wet pipe systems are widely regarded as the most effective active fire system for controlling fires caused by a broad range of hazards. With a century of proven experience, FES offers end-to-end fire sprinkler systems to protect your people, business and assets.

FES’ nationwide team of experts, total commitment to compliance with Australian Standard AS2118 and International Standard NFPA 13 and disciplined Quality Management Systems (QMS), give you the peace of mind that comes with dealing with an industry leader.

Sprinkler systems can automatically detect a fire, transmit an alarm and control the fire


Ensure your sprinkler systems will operate as intended right from the design phase.


Many sprinkler systems are heavily reliant on the mechanics of the system so they remain functional even in blackout conditions so installation is key.


Whether allowing for override activation, gaining reports or resetting the system it is essential to loop your sprinklers in with your whole system.

Working with high-quality active fire systems

FES only recommends and works with the highest quality systems when installing suppression systems such as sprinklers. With such an essential fire system it is vital to ensure that not only is it designed and installed by experts, but that you are using products you can trust.

FES provides solutions for your fixed systems.

The best emergency response is an automatic one. Sprinkler systems can begin addressing the problem before you or your team have to make any decisions in the moment. A fire sprinkler will operate independently of an operator if certain emergency conditions are met.

Not all systems will be automatic as some, such as gas suppression systems, usually require a manual activation to prevent accidental harm.

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

Automation is a powerful tool in emergency management. Stop valves in sprinkler systems will burst at certain temperatures meaning the system can address the fire quickly and effectively.

Wet Pipe Systems

Water is the most well known material for fighting fires. If the type of fire most likely to occur in your building requires water then you'll install a Wet Pipe System.

Dry Pipe Systems

Some fires require different materials to fight them. Dry systems use gases, powders or just air to fight the fire.

Deluge & Water Spray Systems

It's all systems go with a deluge system. When activated, all sprinkler heads will activate causing a large volume of water to be sprayed on and near the fire source.

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