Fire Equipment Testing and Servicing

FES Workshop provides a comprehensive one-stop-shop for testing, refilling and certifying fire protection equipment. FES Workshop is quality assured to ISO9001-2015 and is a licensed CO2 testing station. The Workshop covers a wide range of services and offers both pick-up and delivery options to improve accessibility for your needs. FES Workshop can cover extinguisher pressure testing, extinguisher repairs, extinguisher refilling, high-pressure hose testing and the procurement and installation of whatever fire equipment you require.

The Workshop also supplies a hire service for some safety equipment where appropriate.

Workshop Address

885 Mountain Highway, Bayswater, Victoria, 3153

Entry is via ‘entry 3’ alongside the Siemens offices on Mountain Highway. At the security control booth, advise that you are visiting the FES Workshops.

Extinguisher hire for wherever and whenever they’re required.

FES Workshop offers fire extinguisher hires for major events. This allows you to ensure that your event has the appropriate extinguishers onsite in the event of an emergency. You can contact us on 1300 855 163 or email us at


Pick-up or Delivery.

FES Workshop offers pick-up or delivery services for:

  • Extinguisher pressure testing and repairs
  • Extinguisher refilling
  • High-pressure fire hose testing
  • Fire equipment procurement and installation

Contact us on 1300 855 163 or email us at for availability.

Quality service and responsible disposal.

With the FES Workshop servicing in excess of 30,000 extinguishers annually you can trust us to ensure your equipment is tested and serviced according to standards.

FES Workshop ensures that all waste products from any refill or servicing, are either recycled or disposed of in a safe manner. Waste products from electrical equipment such as lighting, bulbs and batteries are collected and sent to a local recycling company. Waste products that can’t be recycled, such as powder and foam from extinguishers are verified, certified and disposed of according to regulations and guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Authority Victoria.

Your equipment is being serviced by industry leaders, as FES is the trusted agency for Fire Rescue Victoria. We are responsible for testing and servicing all FRV equipment.

FES has got you covered

From specialised industrial warehouses and storage facilities through to residential buildings, high rise commercial towers, shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, libraries and more.