Service & Maintenance

Keeping your fire safety in peak shape.

When you work with us on making your premises fire safe you work with an assurance that your fire protection equipment and facilities are fit-for-purpose and meet Australian Standards. We offer a range of specialist services including installation, maintenance and inspection of the following:

  • Fire Indicator Panels (FIP)
  • Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE)
  • Emergency Warning Indicator Systems (EWIS)
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Special Hazard Systems
  • Project Contract Capabilities
  • Annual Essential Safety Measures Reports (AESMR)
  • Portable Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Means of Egress
  • Passive Fire & Smoke Systems
  • Emergency and Exit Lighting
  • Evacuation Plans
  • Building Fire Integrity Inspections

Maintenance and inspections are carried out by FES technicians who are all expertly trained and fully accredited. Accreditation is provided by Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) and the Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPAA), of which FES is a corporate Gold Member.