Occupant Warning Systems (OWS)

Ensure your occupants are kept informed.

A holistic occupant warning system, designed to work with the specifications of your building, is an effective addition to any safety measures. Occupant warning systems supply more tools for your Emergency Control Organisation to use as required in the event of an emergency. Integrated expertly with any other active fire systems present, keep in contact throughout your building to keep everyone safe.

Communication is key. Your occupant's safety will be further elevated by the ability to warn them directly through occupant warning systems.


Scale, space and accessibility. Our team will design the occupant warning system that suits your needs.


If your system is spanning multiple floors, rooms or even buildings it's essential that it is installed by trained experts, like those at FES.


Making sure that your warning system is integrated with any other systems and reporting software will escalate your safety.

FES provides a full range of inclusions for your occupant warning system:

Depending on the requirements of your building there are a variety of different forms your occupant warning system could take. FES will ascertain the correct requirements for your OWS and install it expertly. FES also offers training and workshops to ensure warning systems are used correctly, responsibly and effectively.

Microphone and Speakers

The core component of the warning system is a microphone allowing custom warning communications on top of standard alarm tones.

Function Keys

Function keys will allow for the system to be switched between an automatic warning system to a manual use system.

WIP integration

Larger systems may include integrations with Warden Intercom Points so that the warning system can be used from multiple locations.


Volume control is another tool to communicate, amplifiers let you elevate both custom vocal warnings and alarm tones.

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