Emergency Warning & Intercommunication System (EWIS)

More elaborate systems are required for larger or more complex premises.

An Emergency Warning & Intercommunication System (EWIS) will come into play when designing active fire systems which will need a much larger reach than your standard building system. The goal is to supply a system that will allow for a comprehensive and controlled evacuation of a building in the event of an emergency.

While these systems come in a variety of scales, with different inclusions depending on requirements, a full system will usually include Warden Intercom Points, visual and audio alarm/alert functionality, intercom systems, emergency phone systems and a centralised control area. The system can also be used to communicate multiple functions, such as differentiating between Alert or Evacuate.

Making sure emergency evacuations are kept under control


At larger scales design is integral to ensure all systems across the premises are operating efficiently.


With multiple physical hardware requirements, EWIS installation is a sizable task to be completed by professionals.


Without proper integration of all components present within the EWIS full functionality cannot be achieved for best possible emergency response.

Training is essential for these extensive Emergency Warning Intercom Systems.

FES offers extensive training and workshops for all roles present in your Emergency Control Organisation. An EWIS will require training for use and usually, your building will elect which members of the safety team are able to operate it. Chief Wardens are trained to use these systems as part of the FES training.

Fire safety training and workshops from FES are delivered by FRV firefighters so your training comes with the hands-on experience and expertise you can trust.

Supplying a holistic system, allowing smooth and effective crises management:

Centralised management is integral to effectively evacuate, or manage emergencies, across large premises. An EWIS, alongside a well-organised emergency control organisation, will give you access to multiple safety tools to keep your building and personnel safe.

These systems take a variety of forms depending on the needs of the space they occupy, which the FES team will assist in ascertaining and installing.

WIP Phones

Whoever is operating the EWIS may need to communicate to elsewhere in the building, this is done via phone operated Warden Intercom Points.

Floor wardens

Best practice safety allows for the collaboration between systems and people. Make sure your floor wardens are ready for anything with FES training.

Alarm Tones

Simple, effective and communicative. Alarms let people know what is going on and what to do quickly and effectively.

Warning Lights

In the event that audible notifications are inaccessible warning lights add further accessibility when communicating emergencies and procedures to all building occupants.

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