Portable Fire Equipment

For quick responses to emergencies make sure you have the right equipment on hand.

While having automated fire systems installed can help in the event of a fire emergency it is also important to have the right equipment on hand for personnel to help themselves and others in an emergency situation. Fire extinguishers, blankets and even hose reels can help your people control a fire emergency in the event of one breaking out.

FES supplies portable fire equipment and can help you ascertain what the needs of your situation are. FES also runs several training courses, both classroom and on-site, to ensure that all personnel have an excellent knowledge of the use of portable fire equipment.

FES has got you covered

FES partners with clients across a wide range of sectors including Municipal Councils, Uni’s, Hospitals, Health Care Agencies, Aged Care, Educational Facilities, Small Business as well as Commercial and Industrial Premises to assist in protecting people and assets.