Practical Evacuation Fire Drill

Our Practical Evacuation Fire Drill is designed to test and validate emergency procedures according to Australian Standards by conducting a building or site evacuation. The evacuation is conducted by experienced fire fighting professionals.

Fire drills are an essential safety activity that ECO personnel and site managers are responsible for.

Objectives and Outcomes:

A practical evacuation will test and validate your emergency procedures, and assist your site’s occupants with knowing what to do in an emergency evacuation. We will provide you with a written report identifying successful outcomes and areas for improvement as a result of the evacuation activity.

Your Site or Building Size:

We cater for all premises, from small single-floor buildings to large multi-story buildings and multi-building sites. Our customers include aged care facilities, government departments, commercial offices, factories and warehouses, educational buildings such as schools and universities, and medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics.

Program Content

The evacuation activity is designed to test and validate emergency procedures according to the Australian Standards Planning for Emergencies in Facilities (AS 3745-2010) and Planning for Emergencies in Health Care Facilities (AS 4083-2010).

Experienced fire fighters will organise an emergency scenario in consultation with you. It will involve the use of installed emergency equipment such as an EWIS, smoke and fire doors, and any other specialised evacuation equipment.

Requirements: Documented emergency procedures should exist prior to conducting an evacuation. If no emergency procedures exist, or you would like assistance in updating your procedures, we can provide additional services to assist you.

The program will include the following activities –

  • Staff and wardens briefing prior to commencement
  • Evacuation of premises
  • Debrief of staff and wardens at conclusion of the evacuation
  • A written report

Note: This program does not include training on the use and operation of an EWIS or local warning system.

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A Practical Evacuation Fire Drill can be scheduled at any time, depending on trainer availability.

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Disclaimer: FES Emergency Training courses are updated regularly to reflect changes in Australian Standards, improvements in training delivery and to include feedback from our customers. Due to these changes the course delivered to you by our trainers may differ from the description on this webpage. FES Emergency Training courses will always adhere to Australian Standards and building codes, and will always provide services to you with the intention of keeping you and the community safe.