Extinguisher and Hose Reel Training

Our Extinguisher and Hose Reel Training is a practical course in the use and application of fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hoses. In this course participants will have hands-on training with fire fighting equipment under the supervision of experienced firefighters.

Who should attend?

Extinguisher and Hose Reel Training is open to members of the public over the age of 18. There is no training prerequisite. The course is designed to assist people who may need to respond to fire emergencies, such as:

  • Any person who may be a first responder to a fire emergency
  • Wardens
  • Security staff
  • Workplace health and safety managers and staff
  • Construction and manufacturing workers
  • Factory workers
  • Facilities staff
  • Shop keepers
  • Restaurant and cafe owners
  • Hospital staff
  • Childcare workers
  • Teachers
  • Members of the public with responsibilities for managing a building or facility

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this training, participants will

  • Have practical experience using portable fire equipment, including fire blankets and extinguishers
  • Know how to choose appropriate fire fighting equipment
  • Have the skills and knowledge to safely undertake an initial attack on small fires

Group Size: The training is designed for a group of between 10 to 20 people. Larger groups can be accommodated.

For groups interested in learning more about fire safety, we offer a course with an additional half-hour classroom session – Initial Emergency Response & Extinguisher Training.

On-Site Training and Burnley Training

The Extinguisher and Hose Reel Training course is offered in two formats –

  1. On-Site Extinguisher and Hose Reel Training – conducted on your premises
  2. Burnley Extinguisher and Hose Reel Training – conducted at the FRV’s Burnley Training Facility

Extinguisher and Hose Reel Training is normally conducted on your premises. In the situation where you do not have a suitable location to conduct the training, a special time can be arranged for attendance at the FRV’s Burnley Training Facility.

Course Duration: 1 hour. For large groups, additional time may be required.

Course Content

Our Extinguisher and Hose Reel Training has been designed by skilled fire fighters with experience in extinguishing fires in emergency situations. Course content includes:

  • General overview of fire safety practices
  • Identification of the various types of extinguishers and hose reels
  • Understanding of the different classes of fire, and the appropriate use of extinguishers for those fires
  • The practical use of fire fighting equipment to extinguish fires in a safe and controlled environment
  • Correct fire extinguisher techniques

Attendees should be dressed in comfortable clothes with solid footwear. Open-toe shoes or sandals are not suitable.

Book Your Training Course

Extinguisher and Hose Reel Training can be scheduled at any time, depending on trainer availability.

Contact our team today by phone 1300 855 163 or by email training@fes.com.au

Disclaimer: FES Emergency Training courses are updated regularly to reflect changes in Australian Standards, improvements in training delivery and to include feedback from our customers. Due to these changes the course delivered to you by our trainers may differ from the description on this webpage. FES Emergency Training courses will always adhere to Australian Standards and building codes, and will always provide services to you with the intention of keeping you and the community safe.