Utilise a leading asset management system.

The key to ensuring all fire equipment items are maintained and serviced in accordance with Australian Standards, rests with having 100% confidence in your service provider and the records maintained. In this regard, FES has strategically positioned itself with the Firecode© Asset Management System.

FES has advanced the development of its well-known proprietary electronic system Firecode® to such an extent that all Life Safety System details, service reports, defects, and many more facets of recording can be input into that central system. This provides each of our customers with access to 24/7 live details, proving FES has the facilities and capabilities to continually develop technology alongside the changes occurring within the fire industry.

Key features of the Firecode© system include

  • Individual unit identification, tracking and servicing.
  • Computer controlled scheduling that guarantees that all barcoded equipment is serviced.
  • On-Site essential service visit and exception reporting.
  • Precise budget forecasting.
  • Firecode Back-Office Defect Rectification Quotations triggered after ESM service.
  • Capacity to interface with third party database systems.
  • Each day data is automatically uploaded to our central servers where it forms a permanent history and database.

Since 1997 FES has utilised handheld computers to record and track the servicing of fire equipment. Data is automatically uploaded to our central servers where it forms a permanent history and database. From this database, FES can produce a range of historical, financial and predictive reports

With shifting IT boundaries, FES ensures that all IT Systems are kept up to date and FES technicians are equipped with the latest in hand-held technology. The strengths of Firecode® are the digital data management system which eliminates the need for manual data handling. With barcode scanning technology becoming more prevalent across all industries, the individual recognition of each item of fire equipment is paramount in tracking the items service history.

FES’ Firecode® system records the make, type, size and location of each of the customers’ fire equipment, ensuring FES technicians are well informed of what will be required to service, and to what level of service is due before they enter your premises.


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